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Hii guys welcome to our wonderful blog. This article is all about the essay on my father. This article is very important it is not just important for your exams but after reading this essay you will know the importance of your father in your life.

I think we should respect and love our fathers because they do a lot of sacrifices for us. He is the hero of our life. They forget their dreams to make our life happier. I suddenly thought to write an essay on this topic because currently, I am leaving alone so I know the importance of parents in our life. The guidance that our parents give us is very important. They always want to make us happy. This essay is dedicated to all the fathers of the world.

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Essay on my father

I love my father very much and my father also loves me. I love to spend my time with my father because he is like my friend and I can share everything with him. He never scolds me and he always tries to make me a good person for the society. He tells me many things about society. He asks me to never hurt anyone and try to keep everyone happy.

The daily routine of my father

My father is very punctual and he always wakes up at 5 am.  I also became very punctual with the help of my father. After waking me and my father go for a walk. This is the best time of the day for me because at this time I ask a lot of questions to my father and he always gives me an accurate answer. I ask mainly about politics and sports because I am very fond of politics and I want to become a sportsperson. My father also supports me to become a sportsperson.

When we come back home than I and my father bath together. After bathing, my father takes his spectacles and start reading the newspaper because he is very fond of reading newspapers. He never misses reading the newspaper. After reading the newspaper my father goes to the office. He goes to the office and I go to my school. 

When he comes back home at 8 pm then he rests for some time. After taking the proper rest of 30 minutes, my father calls me to know what happened in my school today. I share all things that happened with me in school. I love to share my feelings to my father because he is like my friend and he guides me properly. He also helps me in doing my homework.

After I  finish doing my homework then my father tells me to go to sleep and after some time he also goes to sleep, This was the daily routine of my father. He tries to follow this routine every day. He never breaks his rules because he is very disciplined.

Qualities of my father – Discipline 

By reading the daily routine of my father you can understand how disciplined my father is. He tells me that Discipline is the only thing that can give you success in your life. I also think that discipline is very important to be successful in your life. If you are talented but you are not disciplined then there are very little chances that you can get success in your life. If you are not very much talented but you are very disciplined to do hard work then it is sure that you will get success in your life because hard work pays off.

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My father is very patient in nature. He does not refuse to do hard work. He is very consistent with his work. He tells me that patience is very important to get success in your life because you can not get success in one day. Success requires a lot of hard-working days. My father tells me that you have to work hard every day until you get success in your life because success requires patience.


I think the quality of sacrifice is present in every father of the world. Every time we talk about our mothers because we spend most of the time with our mothers but our fathers are equally important. They work hard so that we can live happily. They forget their dreams to make our dreams successful. They wear old and dirty clothes and give us new clothes to wear. They only want respect from us. They also love us very much but they do not express it. They become happy when we become successful in our life. It is our responsibility to make our fathers happy. 

We always hear the news that a son left his father for money. After hearing this type of news I think that they do not know the importance of their father. The father who forgets his dreams to make the life of his son successful is not respected by his son. This type of news is very painful and it is not good for society. If you are reading this essay then I request you to never do these type of things in your life because your parents are like god for you and you should always respect them.

Importance of father in our life (Conclusion of essay on my father)

I can not explain the importance of the father just by writing some sentences. We can only feel the importance of father in our life. If you want to know the imp[ortance of father then you can ask those children who do not have a father. The life of a fatherless kid is very much difficult. You can not imagine the difficulty faced by a fatherless student.

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Our father teachers us many things. He is our first teacher. There is very great meaning in every sentence of our fathers because they know how life works they give us suggestions based on their life experiences. I am not saying that they are always tight but I am saying that their intentions are never wrong. They never want you to get hurt in your life. They do hard work to make your life successful. They just want one thing from us which is love.

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