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Hii guys welcome to our blog. This is a very important article because today we are covering the essay on the corruption of India. This type of essays comes under opinion essays. This type of essay mainly come in the students of higher classes because a lot of thinking is required to write an essay on this topic.

In today’s article, we will share the essay with you so that you can write an essay on corruption in India. This essay is not important only for exams but it is also important because you should know the current situation of India.

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Essay on corruption in India

Corruption is not a new term for our country because it is happening from the very past and it is increasing day by day. This is the main reason why our country is not developing fastly.

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Every government of Indian promises that they will remove corruption but they fail to do so. Corruption is mainly done by government employees. In every government office, we can see corrupt officers. Not every government employee is corrupt but some are. 

What is corruption?

When any person sitting in a prestigious place uses his place for doing the wrong things for money then it is known as corruption. The person who does corruption is called corrupt. These people use their power in doing the wrong things and supporting the wrong people for money or anything else.

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They mostly do these things for money. Our country is suffering because of these people. They should be removed from their places by the government. Corruption is the biggest hurdle in our country’s development. We have to fight against corruption.

Corruption in India

There are many corrupt officers in India. You can find corruption everywhere. It is increasing in our country day by day. This is why no one truest any government employee. People of our country get frightened by the police officers.

It mainly happens in politics during the election. All the parties spent a lot of money to win the election. We should always give our vote to the deserving candidate. Our vote is very important. Some people of India take it lightly they don’t understand the value of one vote. They should be given proper knowledge about their fundamental rights.

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Corruptions also happen in the education sector. It is very sad to say that some people make education their business. They mainly open a school to earn money not to help children. A lot of money is taken by the parents in the name of development charges. Some parents give extra money so that their children can get admitted to that school. That is the reason why many children in our country are not able to get proper education.

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The condition of primary schools in our country is not good and the private schools are very costly. So the children are unable to get proper study. Education is very important for a country’s development. If the children of the country will not get proper education then it will make the development of our country very slow. Education is the birthright of every child. In my opinion, government schools should be made so better that every parent sends his child to the government school happily.


It is very important for our country to remove corruption from its roots. The government of our country should take proper measures to remove corruption from our country. 

It is also very important that we should raise our voice against the corrupt officers. Many times we see corruption happening in front of our eyes but we don’t do anything about it.

The government can not do everything from itself so we have to help our government. India is our country and we have to take care of it.

If we raise our voice against this problem then this problem can be solved. There are many talented and deserving people in our country but they do not get a proper chance to serve the country.

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We should try our best so that only deserving people can have the power to run the government. We have to know our responsibility and we have to secure our country from these corrupt people. If India becomes corruption-free then no one-stop India development.

Final words

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