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Essay on Indian farmer

Agriculture comes under the primary sector. The majority section of our country is employed in the primary sector. They are very important for all the people of the country. Farmers are the most hardworking people in the country.

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They fo a lot of hard work but their hard work is not appreciated. Many people of our hate farming and they do not want to become a farmer. It is a common mindset that farmers are poor people. We should respect each and every farmer in our country.

Farming in India 

The majority of the people in India live in villages. India is an agricultural country. Farming is a very important occupation in every country. It is very sad that farming is not respected in our country. Some narrow-minded people hate farmers but they don’t know that because of them they are able to eat the food they want. 

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Farming majorly contributes in the Indian economy. It contributes more revenue than the manufacturing sector. In the other parts of the world, all the people respect farmers because they know the importance of farmers. They also give them gifts.

Life of a farmer

The farmers of India have to face a lot of problems. They do not have proper resources for agriculture. They use the old techniques of farming which is not suitable for them. Old techniques of farming are very time-consuming. Many farmers do not have their own land so they work on the landlord’s field.

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They are very harassed by the landlords. They do not receive a proper salary for their work. Indian farmers essay on indian farmer met suffer a lot for their salary and they also have to work in the landlord’s house. They do a lot of hard work but they do not get proper money.

Most of the farmers in India are uneducated and they do not know the people method of agriculture. We can also say that the person who is uneducated choose farming as his career. They do not know the proper techniques of farming. They use old techniques that do not work today.

What the government can do?

They should use the latest techniques in agriculture. The government of Indian should educate them about the latest techniques for farming. They should know the use of fertilizers and manures. Farmers should have proper knowledge of chemical fertilizers and biofertilizers. They should know how to use thresher, roller, harvester, etc.

The government should provide them classes by experts where they teach the farmers about different types of farming methods. They should be taught of high-quality seeds, different cropping patterns like mixed cropping isn’t cropping, etc.

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The government should provide loans to the small farmers who do not have their own land so that they will get the benefit. The various schemes should be launched by the government to help the farmers. The Indian government can also give some farmers some land where they can practice farming for the government. Moreover, the government can provide other sources of occupation to farmers like MNREGA, NREGA, etc.

Conclusion of this essay on Indian farmer

The farmers of India do a lot of hard work but they do not receive appreciation from us and because of this most of the young people of India are not choosing farming as their career. Most of the young people of India want to become anger, Dancer, cricketer, etc no one wants to become a farmer because every day they hear the cases of farmers in India. 

Every day we hear the news that one more farmer died of hunger. This type of news is very very shameful for all of us that the person who gives us food does not have enough food to feed his family. They are also humans like us we should not disrespect them because of them we are able to get food. Every citizen of India should respect the farmers of India. 

I would like to request all of you to not disrespect any farmer. In other countries, they are treated like gods because they give them food. You should also tell your friends and family members about this so that this message can spread to every people of the country.

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