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Essay on my best friend

My best friend name is Rahul. I and he go to the same school. We love to spend time with each other. I know him since class 3 and we became good friends in class 4. When I spent some time with him then I realised that he is very humorous. I like people who are funny in nature. We do not have similar feelings towards the world. Our choices are never same but still we are best friends.

He cares for me

He always gives me advice whenever I am in trouble. My best friend always supports in every situation whether I am right or wrong. I and play badminton in the evening. Rahul is a very good badminton player and from him, I learned how to play badminton. Rahul had taught me many things. 

He is very good in studies and he always helps me with maths. He studies every day and I study only during the exams. Rahul always tells me that Hard work is more important but I tell him that smart work is equally important. He always gets top position in the class and I manage to score well. Rahul becomes very upset when he is not able to get the top position but I tell him that marks are no that important. He thinks that marks are very important to become successful in life.

I like to fight with someone in the school but he never wants to fight anyone. Whenever I am fighting with anyone he comes and calms me down. He tells me that violence is not the answer to every question. He is a very wise and knowledgeable person. I always like to live with him.

Qualities of a good friend

There are many qualities of a good friend. A good friend should always support you in your life. He should never criticize your work. He should never make you feel down. You can share anything with him without any fear that he will tell it to someone else. 

He will always help you to make the right decisions for your life. A good friend will always help you in choosing your career. He will make you walk on a right path. If you are taking a wrong path then he will warn you. He will help you to quit your bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. A good friend will always remind you of your goals and what you have to achieve in your life. He will never distract you from your goals.

He will tell your strength in public and your weaknesses alone. A good friend will always try to make the best version of yourself. It is very important for you to know your weaknesses. If you don’t know your strength then it is fine but you should definitely know your weaknesses.

Coclusionn on essay on my best friend

My best friend ahs all the qualities of a good friend and that is why he is my best friend. He cares about me and he loves to spend some time with me. I and he talk too much about politics and current affairs. He gives me news about our country and I give news of our school. I want to spend my life with him. He is the best gift which God has given to me.

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