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Essay on my favorite teacher

My favorite teacher is Ramesh sir. He teaches us maths. He is very good at explaining the hardest terms of mathematics. I love to study maths by him. He is very kind and generous in nature. He always helps every student in the class. I was very poor in mathematics and I hated to study mathematics. But when Ramesh sir came to teach us maths then my perspective towards Mathematics changed.

His behavior towards us

His most important quality is that he treats all the students in our class equally. He foes consider anyone topper or backbenchers. Our maths teacher says that all of you are important to me. He clears doubts of every student in the class. We are free to ask any question to him because he never gets angry with us. He always tries to make every student love mathematics. He takes a class test of us every Saturday and gives gifts to whoever scores well in that exam. I always get gifts on Monday because I always score good marks.

His energy in the class

He is very energetic in nature. When he enters our classroom we can experience the positive energy flowing in the room. He is very sincere towards his work and he is very punctual. He always comes on time. Our maths teacher leaves his watch and smartphone in the staff room because he does not go any disturbance. 

He only wants that every student in the class should only focus on him so that he can study mathematics effectively. I also feel energetic when he enters the classroom. I think that he can teach us every subject because his teaching ways are very good. He can teach any complex thing in an easy way.

How he became Maths teacher

One day he told us his story that “How he became good in mathematics”. His story was very motivating and interesting. He told us that he was very weak in mathematics in his school. Our maths teacher always got punishment by his maths teacher. He said that he tried very hard to become good in mathematics but he was not getting success. He worked very hard to understand the complex concepts of mathematics. 

After some time he started going to a maths coaching center. The teacher at the maths coaching center was amazing. He said that his maths teacher was able to teach any complex thing of mathematics effectively. On that day he realized the importance of a teacher. A good teacher can make or ruin a student’s life. That is why he understands our problems because he had faced those problems in his student’s life. He said that finding a good teacher is very important. A teacher is a very important part of a student’s life.

Conclusion of this essay on my favorite teacher

I have learned a lot of things from my teacher and I have to learn a lot of things from him. I want to become punctual like him and I want to be very focused on my work. He always says that Discipline is very important to get success in life and without discipline, we can not achieve anything in our life. I also think that discipline is very important.

A good teacher is very important to the students’ life. A teacher can make or destroy a student’s life because students are very influenced by their teacher and they want to become like them. They are not able to understand whether his teacher is good or bad. You should always try to choose a good teacher.

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