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Essay on my mother

I have seen God because she is my mother. She is god for me. I love my mother very much and she also loves me very much. She is 38 years old. She always tells me good things. My mother is my first and best teacher because she taught me how to behave with other people. She taught me the importance of discipline. My mother told me that You can not achieve success in your life without hard work.

My mother helps me with everything

Whenever I was confused in life and I did not know what to do next then my mother always gave me the best advice. She is always available to me. My mother always helps whenever I need her help. She is very good in nature and she loves to help poor people. He always worships lord shiva everyday and she gives some food and clothes to the poor people. She is a doctor and always tries to keep a smile on her patient’s face. She always cares about them. My mother always tells me to help other people.

The daily routine of my mother

My mother is very punctual. She is very hardworking and she is fully dedicated to her work. Her daily routine is very hectic. She never follows the same routine every day. There is a slight difference every day but there are some things which she does every day.

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She wakes up very early in the morning. After waking up she comes into my bedroom and she helps me to wake up. I cannot wake up early in the morning without her help. After freshening up I and she go for a morning walk. She tells me a lot of motivational and inspirational stories during the morning walk. We always go to a nearby park and sit there for a while. She tells me about her work and I share something about my school with her. 

After the morning walk, we come back home. She cooks food for us and she helps me so that I can get ready for my school. She gives me my school uniform, cooks lunch for me, and then she drops me at the bus stand. 

When I go to school then my mother gets ready for her work. She goes to the hospital at 10 AM. She loves her job because she wanted to be a doctor. Her dream was to become a doctor and serve the country. She treats a lot of people every day. She becomes very tired when she comes back home.

I come to my school at 2 PM. My mother comes back from her work at 8 PM at night. Sometimes she comes back home at 9 PM when she had to do too much work in the hospital. My father cooks dinner for us. At night we enjoy watching TV. My mother loves to watch TV serials and my father loves to watch cricket matches. I love to watch movies. I love my parents because they love me very much.

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I can say that my mother is the best mother in the world. I want to say that every mother is best. We can not understand the feeling of the mother when his son/daughter becomes successful. Our parents forget their dreams so that we can fulfill our dreams.

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We should try our best to make our mother feel happy and proud. They give us everything they have but they just want love and care from us. We should always respect our parents. Sometimes it may feel like your parents don’t support but I am telling you that your parents just want to make you successful in life. Their intension is never wrong. You should follow their instructions because they tell you something on the basis of their life experiences. You can learn many things from their experiences.

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.

A mother’s arm is more comforting than anyone else’s

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