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Essay on my pet 

I have a pet dog. His name is Bruno and he is a labrador dog. I love to play with him and he also loves to spend his time with me. I got him when he was a kid and at that, I was also a child so we became friends. He is a normal-looking dog with a short tail. His skin color is white and grey. He is very friendly in nature so everybody loves him. He never causes trouble for anyone because he is a very smart dog. My training had made him strong.

How I got him?

I was playing with my friends. We were playing cricket. Suddenly one of my friends hit the ball into the forest When I went to the forest to take the ball then I saw a cute puppy lying on the ground. I became very sad when I saw him. I called my friends so that they can also see the cute puppy. We bandaged him and then he stopped crying. I made a decision that I will keep him in my home.

My father became angry when I told him about the cute puppy. He was not allowed to keep a dog in the house. He was not allowing me because he has a fear of dogs. I told him that it is a very cute puppy and it will never harm us. Finally, My father agreed to keep the dog in the house. After some time he became friendly with the dog and he gave him the name”Bruno“. All the family members started to love Bruno because he is very friendly in nature.

The daily routine of Bruno 

Bruno’s routine is not the same every day but most of the days he follows a routine. He wakes up very early in the morning because he loves to go for a morning walk. Because of him I also started to wake up early in the morning. We both go for a morning walk together. He becomes very energetic after the morning walk. 

When we come back home we bathe together under the shower. I feel happy to bathe with Bruno because he is very mischievous. He does a lot of movements while bathing. He shows some dance steps. After bathing I give him his favorite drink and porridge. He loves to eat porridge. 

After taking the food we play together. I play with him by a ball. I throw the ball on the ground and he had to catch it before it touches the ground. He becomes very flexible and energetic while playing that game.

In the evening I go to play cricket with my friends and Bruno also comes with me to see me playing. He makes my friends happy showing them new dance moves every day. They laugh a lot by seeing the funny moves of Bruno. 

At night we watch TV together. Bruno loves to watch cartoons. Our favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry and we never miss an episode of it. After watching the TV, I go to study and Bruno goes to sleep. He sleeps very early.

Conclusion of the essay on my pet

Bruno is very important to me because he is my best friend and I can share my feelings with him. He always makes me laugh by showing his special dance moves. He is a part of my family and everyone in my family loves him. I can not imagine my life without him. Sometimes I think that I am very lucky because I got Bruno in my life. We are best friends and we will always live together.

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