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Essay on my school playground

Our school is our second home because we had to spend our most valuable time in school. I have learned a lot of things from my school. In our school our most favorite place in our playground. We wanted to spend most of the time on the playground because we get to play a lot of games like volleyball, cricket, kabaddi, wrestling, etc. Our teachers were kind to us because they always gave us permission to go on the ground and play with our friends.

Our favorite sports

I and my friend loved to play volleyball because we have been playing volleyball since class 7.  We loved to play volleyball. There were two teams one was Red team and another was the Blue team. We always fought to win the game because the losing team had to give a treat to the winners. I was in the blue team and most of the time we won the game. We always tried to get free time to play volleyball and whenever we were unable to play volleyball in school then we became very sad.


My second favorite sport was cricket. Every Saturday our school organized a cricket match. I was the captain of my team. Cricket was a very popular game in our school because most of the students in our school loved to play cricket. Our cricket ground was present in the middle of our school playground. Cricket was so popular because teachers also participated in the match. Our teachers were very friendly to us and we talked like friends. Pratik sir played cricket very good and he was on our team. He was an experienced player because he had played cricket at the state level. I was very lucky to have Pratik sir in our team. We enjoyed playing cricket.

Annual Sports Day

We always waited for this day because it came only one time in one year. It was a very special and important day for us. On this day we get the chance to prove our ability. All types of sporting events were organized on that day like badminton, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabbadi, etc. Our parents also came to support all of us. We were representing the blue team. I participated in volleyball, Kabbadi, and cricket. I wanted to prove my ability in every sport. 

We enjoyed ourselves very much on that day. I won the cricket and volleyball and lost in Kabbadi match. Everyone came and praised me because they were very happy with my performance and I was also happy with my performance. I can forget that volleyball match because our opposite team was also very strong. My parents were very happy with my performance.

Conclusion of this essay on my school playground

I think we have spent most of the greatest school memories in the school playground. In my class, nobody wanted to go in the class because we loved to be in the playground. I have spent my most memorable school memories in the school playground like playing with my friends, winning the volleyball, morning assembly, praying to the god, etc. In my opinion, nobody can forget his/her school memories because we get to learn a lot of things from our school. I met my best friend in my school. We always miss to be in my school playground and play my most favorite games.

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