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Essay on rainy season

The rainy season is my favourite season because I love water. I love to bathe in the rain. My mother tells me that when I was a kid I always waited for rain and if rain came then nobody could stop me from bathing in the rain. All of my friends also loved to bathe in rainwater. I love it when the droplets of water touch my body.

Why I love rainy season

I love the rainy season because after the rain I can see the real beauty of nature. Most of the animals who live under the soil come out. I love to see new animals and I want to take the picture of every animal. There is an amazing smell from the soil after the rain happens. That smell is very satisfying and I have a special bond with this type of soil.

I become very happy when I see a rainbow in the sky. The sight of the rainbow is very satisfying for me. The rainbow is formed is by the droplets of water present in the atmosphere and it can only form after the rain. I and my friends become very happy during the rainy season because we love to play with paper boats. 

Most of the birds come out of their nests to gather some straws to make their house better because during the rain their home gets destroyed. I like to spend time with birds and I want that every bird of this planet to become free to fly in the sky. I always try to free as many birds as I can. That is why the rainy season is very special to me.

Benefits of rainwater

There are a lot of benefits for the rainy season. I can not write all the benefits of the rainy season in this article so I am writing some of the major benefits which we get from rainwater.

  • Rainwater is very necessary for farming. The farmers of India wait for the monsoon season because the quality of their crops depends on the rainy season. Some small farmers are mainly dependent on rainwater and they do not have another option. It is very important that there should be plenty of rainwater every year.
  • Rainy season makes the air fresh and reduces pollution from air to some extent. It reduces the risk of drought.
  • Rainwater recharges the groundwater from where we get water for a day to day tasks.
  • We should conserve the rainwater so that we can use it in washing clothes, cooking, washing utensils, etc. We should take proper measures to conserve rainwater.
  • Rainwaters fills the water of river, lakes, and ponds from where we get water to do our daily work.
  • Rainwater helps the grass to grow so that the animals who are herbivores can eat that grass. The rainy season is the best season of herbivorous animals because they get plenty of food. 
  • Tress also grows in the rainy season because they get proper amount of water from the ground which is recharged by rainwater.

These were the major benefits of rainwater. There are a lot of other benefits we get from rainwater. Now let’s look at the demerits of rainwater.

Demerits of rainwater

Every coin has two faces and hence there are some demerits of the rainy season. Now let us focus on the demerits of the rainy season.

  • Sometimes the crops get destroyed by the rainwater. The farmer who is dependent on the rainwater has to take loans from the banks. Their whole family suffers on that year.
  • Excessive amounts of rain can also bring floods. The dams get destroyed by excessive rain.
  • Most of the insects like snakes come out of the ground and can harm us when we try to harm them.
  • Roads are filled up with water which is not good for us. Our shoes become dirty when we walk on the roads.

Conclusion of the essay on rainy season

There are some merits and some demerits of the rainy season. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. I love the rainy season because there are many benefits of the rainy season. We can not experience the beauty of nature in other seasons. The small animals come out only in the rainy. The animals who are living in forests love rainy season because they get plenty amount of grass to eat in the rainy season. The small farmers can not grow their crops without rain so it is very important that a good amount of rain should come every year.

I have a lot of special memories of the rainy season. I waited for rain my childhood and loved to bathe in rainwater. I and my friends have played a lot of games in the rainy season. We loved to walk on the road which was filled with rainwater. I can never forget those special memories.

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